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Musica Subject Gateway

Welcome to the Musica Subject Gateway (MUS)

The Musica Subject Gateway (MUS) provides integrated access to information resources in the fields of music and musicology. MUS is part of a wider network of subject gateways roofed by the Unified Information Gateway (UIG). They are all structured in a similar way, users thus encounter familiar environment, tools and search options.

What services does the MUS gateway offer?

  • Parallel searching of resources through MUS Search. QuickSearch interface provides resources in QuickSets arranged by type of document. In MetaSearch you can combine a number of sources according to your own needs. You find here both specialised databases and generally aimed resources that might be of interest to students, music teachers or musicologists. Catalogues of libraries owning important music funds are often attached as sub bases of sheet music or music documents. The sub bases of Czech Articles on Music and Books on Music in the National Library of the Czech Republic are designed to provide a quick overview of field literature and have limited search possibilities. The licensed databases are only available for registered users of National Library and accessible from the library network or through the remote access system; you must log in and enter MUS from there. There are still a number of sources that cannot be searched by the MUS gateway for the time being. If your quest has not been successful, try the support in the Not Found? option.
  • SFX services enable users to find full texts, holding information or additional information on a document or its author, and offer lists of e-journals.
  • A collection of web links selected with respect to the focus of the MUS, which you can not only search, but also browse by means of MUS Browse tool.
  • My space, where after free registration you can store previous searches, records or favourite e-journals. You can also work with them and personalise the MUS gateway to suit your needs.
  • Help related to the using of the MetaLib and search support in the Not Found? option.

The MUS gateway has been developed as part of the project Coordinated building of subject gateways: coordination, music, library science through collaboration of the National Library of the Czech Republic and the Charles University in Prague.

Your questions, ideas and suggestions for improvement are appreciated.

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