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Leoš Janáček: Life, Work, & Contribution

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Mezinárodní hudební festival a konference

  • Meeting
Čas 09.02.2013
od 12:00 am do 12:00 am
Místo Denton, Texas
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The Division of Music History, Theory, & Ethnomusicology at the University of North Texas will host an academic conference within a larger, international festival celebrating the life and work of Leoš Janácek. This event will take place 6-9 February 2013 in Denton, TX. The keynote speaker will be Michael Beckerman of New York University; participants from Europe will include Ivo Medek (rector of the Janácek Academy in Brno), Vít Spilka (Chair of Music), Miloš Stedron (Masaryk University), and Jirí Zahrádka (archivist at the Janácek Museum).

The committee is issuing a call for papers for the conference, the culminating event of the festival, on Saturday, 9 February. Areas of interest might include, among others, the analysis of Janá ek’s music (esp. works being performed at the festival), Janácek’s relation to other composers (particularly Dvorák), his use of folk material and “speech-melody,” Czech Nationalism, Janácek’s attitude toward German Neo-classicism and Wagner, and the composer’s stormy domestic relationship with Zdenka Schulzová and Kamila Stösslová.

Speakers will be allotted 30 minutes plus an additional 15 minutes for questions. Presentations will be live-streamed on the internet, posted as online publications, and printed in hardcopy in Harmonia.

Please submit a 500-word proposal to janacek at unt.edu by Friday, 26 October; invitations will be extended as quickly as possible, but absolutely no later than Wednesday, 2 January 2013.

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