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Nationality / Universality: Musical historiography in Central and Eastern Europe

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Čas Pondělí 15.09.2014 00:00 do
Čtvrtek 18.09.2014 00:00
Místo Radziejowice
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International Musicological Conference



The central theme of the International Musicological Conference will be the musical historiographies of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. As well as attempting to recapitulate historical research of various profiles and surveying current research topics, the conference will provide an opportunity to reinterpret national musical historiographies and compare different perspectives on music history.

For several decades now, historiography, regarded as a central discipline of musicology, has witnessed a search for new directions and inspirations. The key tenets of historical musicology are being re-evaluated, particularly the notion that music history is forged by great individuals, great works, great traditions or great discoveries. The legitimacy of global and universal perspectives has been questioned, with scholars proposing that attention be focussed on regional reality and on everyday musical life. The question arises as to how such thinking affects local historiographies. Has there been any change in the methodologies and narratives of national music histories that lie outside the principal current of Western historical reflection? And, if so, in what direction?


National music histories versus the history of musical regions and centres
National music histories in relation to methodological historiographic models
The object of musical historiography: the history of music, the history of writing about music, the history of reception and of musical life
The ‘heroes' of national music in national historiographies
The socio-political and cultural determinants of musical historiography in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe
The significance of folk traditions in national historiographies


You are invited to propose a paper by submitting the completed form together with an abstract of your paper in English (300–400 words). Proposals should be sent by 15 November 2013.

The list of accepted abstracts will be announced by 31 December 2013.

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